our SEL workshops

Our SEL programs are for teachers, leaders and parent groups. They are the  product of 20 years practical experience delivering an evidence-based framework of behavioural science principles and practices to thousands of people from around Australia and overseas. 


The training builds competencies and capacity of people to produce better results in important areas of their lives with less stress - relationships, career, finances, health, etc.

It does this by: 

  • alerting participants to the potential, strengths and limitations of human nature, our genetics and our learned behaviour

  • showing how to minimise the limitations, build on our strengths and develop powerful habits that assist us to use more of our potential and function at optimal levels more often

  • providing strategies for us to rise above our more basic (default) tendencies and patterns, and

  • empowering us to better meet our deeper wants and needs and thrive and flourish in a fast changing, complex and challenging environment     

The structure follows the CASEL model of Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making where... 

each of these elements contain a number of 'eye opener' topics for participants.​

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In Self Awareness we study emotions, feelings, moods and impulses and also belief systems, self talk and actions/behaviour, which provides a simple 4 part framework of what makes us tick. The learning outcome can be summarised as:

'I better understand the why and how of who I am today.'


Social Awareness

Social Awareness draws on the learning from the 2 elements above to consider 3 main topics: diversity, empathy and service.


 'I better understand others and the why and how of who they are today.'

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In Self Management we look at those same 4 topics from a perspective of what we can influence and regulate over time, and we bring in 4 new topics - goals, resilience, personal responsibility and lifelong learning - and consider how much control we have in those areas also. 


'I can manage myself to perform better, enjoy my life experience more and achieve improved results in areas important to me.'

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Relationship Skills

Relationship Skills builds on the previous 3 elements and adds new ideas to highlight 8 topics: listen, non-verbal, trust, manage conflict, negotiate win-win, feedback, lead by example and seek assistance. 

'I have the ability to maintain good relationships with people who have a different personality and background to me.' 

Responsible Decision Making

Responsible Decision Making is about using the whole framework for confident, creative choices and good judgement to achieve quality outcomes for self and others.


 'My understanding of self, others and relationships helps me to make good decisions and get desired results more often.'

We can tailor the length and content of our SEL training for an In-Service PD to meet the needs of your teacher, leader or parent groups:

  • free overview sessions of up to an hour, 

  • three hour (half day) workshops - morning, afternoon or evening

  • full day programs

Each of the 5 elements of the SELschools training can be completed in a half day workshop. Multiple elements can be run in any combination of half day or full day sessions with preferably no longer that a school term between elements.

For both the overview sessions and the workshops, we provide a laptop, projector and handouts, while you provide a room, chairs, a whiteboard and/or a flip chart. Providing refreshments, morning / afternoon teas or lunch is up to you. 

As an introductory offer, the cost for all In-Service PD workshops booked and run before 30 September 2021 will be a donation of any amount to help establish the SELschools charity. (Travel expenses for schools outside the Brisbane area will need to be met by the school)

We intend to run half and full day public workshops in select capital cities and regional areas for all elements of our SEL training depending on future demand. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending a session near you.

We also intend to run two and a half day residential live-in programs (Fri pm - Sun pm) in various locations nationally depending on demand. Please let us know if you would be interested in attending one of these weekend programs.