SELschools is being established as an independent, non-profit  organisation providing free or low cost SEL training for teachers, staff and parents of early childhood, primary and secondary schools.


We believe that high quality, ongoing SEL training for adults is vital to the effectiveness of student resilience, wellbeing and mental health initiatives such as BeYou, KidsMatter and Positive Education.

Educators who have been trained to explore their own resilience and emotional wellbeing are more likely to facilitate students’ social and emotional learning more effectively... yet few programs exist to help with this. 


In Self Awareness we study emotions, feelings, moods and impulses and also belief systems, self talk and actions/behaviour, which provides a simple 4 part framework of what makes us tick.

The learning outcome summary: "I better understand the why and how of who I am today.'

In Self Management we look at those same 4 topics again from a perspective of what we can influence and regulate over time. We study 4 other topics - goals, resilience, personal responsibility and lifelong learning - and consider how much control we have in those areas also.

The learning outcome summary: "I can manage myself to perform better, enjoy my life experience more and achieve improved results in areas important to me." 

Social Awareness draws on the learning from the 2 elements above to consider 3 main topics: diversity, empathy and service.

The learning outcome summary: "The foundations of Self Awareness and Self Management help me better understand others and the why and how of who they are today."

Relationship Skills builds on the previous 3 elements and adds new ideas to highlight 8 topics: listen, non-verbal, trust, manage conflict, negotiate win-win, feedback, lead by example and seek assistance. 

The learning outcome summary: "I have the ability to maintain good relationships with people who have a different personality and background to me." 

Responsible Decision Making is about using the whole framework for confident, creative choices and good judgement to achieve quality outcomes for self and others. 

The learning outcome summary: "My understanding of self, others and relationships helps me to make good decisions and get desired results more often."

Melissa I've got serious concerns about the above. Maybe we need to lose  'The learning outcome summary' and / or flesh the content out with more engaging, interesting, compelling examples of what the course will cover?  



The ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior. The ability to accurately assess one’s strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a “growth mindset.”

  • Identifying emotions

  • Accurate self-perception

  • Recognizing strengths

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-efficacy