the benefits

'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.' - Aristotle


Our SEL programs deliver a profound experience that has a significant, positive impact on participants' personal and professional lives in the short and long term.


Students and schools benefit indirectly from the advanced understanding and practice of SEL by teachers, staff and parents.

People with a high level of social and emotional development are more likely to:

  • Have an air of confidence and calm from knowing themselves and understanding others

  • Identify and work towards goals that have meaning for them

  • Engage easily with most people

  • Push through a big problem, barrier or challenge

  • Notice and change an unhealthy or limiting habit or situation

  • Inspire people around them

  • Listen and be open minded to other perspectives

  • Forgive someone's weakness or shortcoming

  • Take initiative when important things need doing

  • Be humble and share accolades / recognition with others


'Students with high emotional intelligence get better grades' (see here).

In a recent study, students who participated in evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs scored 13 points higher academically, had a 6 percent higher high school graduation rate and were 11 percent more likely to graduate from a college or university (see here).



benefits for 

teachers, staff & parents

  • Improved capability to teach SEL explicitly and be a role model 

  • Less stress/more confidence through greater self awareness and enhanced self management

  • Stronger engagement, connections, communications and relationships with others

  • Improved student behaviour and happier, calmer  classrooms

  • Enhanced academic focus, improved grades/test scores

  • Stronger parent relationships with more collaboration and less conflict 

  • Increased wellbeing, resilience and mental health of students that will last their lifetime


benefits for 


  • Improved life confidence, identity and self worth for strength on the inside to deal with a fast changing world on the outside

  • More positive social behaviours

  • Improved relationships with other students and teachers

  • Learn new habits to manage themselves for better results in all areas of their lives


benefits for 


  • Builds capacity of mental health, resilience and wellbeing across the whole school

  • Stronger school climate and improved relationships and communication between teachers, students and parents

  • Develops a shared vision of the concepts, language and benefits of SEL in key stakeholder groups


  • Builds a strategic advantage into the fabric of the school community