about us

SELschools is being established as an independent, non-profit charity organisation specialising in providing free or low cost SEL training for teachers, staff and parents of early childhood, primary and secondary schools. 

In the not-too-distant past, life was a lot slower, simpler and more predictable. People had more time to adapt to change.


The pace, complexity and uncertainty of our fast changing world can be  challenging for young people, with mental health issues - depression, anxiety, suicide - at record levels and rising.

Research has shown that half of all mental health conditions emerge by the age of 14, with three quarters emerging by 24 years of age (see here).

While many schools are implementing various resilience, wellbeing and other initiatives to counter this growing problem, we strongly believe that additional intensive and ongoing SEL training for teachers and other adult stakeholders is vital to the success of these initiatives.

To this end, SELschools will provide free or low cost SEL training to schools with funds it generates from its charity activities.

Any donations or fees earned from our SEL workshops at the present time will go towards establishing the legal and financial structures of the organisation (including Australian Charities & Not-For-Profit Commission registration). 

Individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations will be approached for funding on the following basis:

  • SEL in schools is a proactive, preventive, systemic and strategic approach to counter the growing social problems and economic cost caused by declining mental health in the community

  • Nearly two decades of evidence-based research by CASEL demonstrates significant and positive benefits for students, teachers and schools

  • Anecdotal evidence from principals, teachers, staff, students and parents of Australian schools where there has been a comprehensive roll-out of SEL suggest overwhelming support for the academic, behavioural and school climate benefits

  • Effective and ongoing SEL training for teachers, staff and parents is a vital component of successfully implemented resilience and wellbeing initiatives that is often not well resourced. Funds donated to SELschools will address this issue.